by Patrice Demers and Marie-Josée Beaudoin



Located on Centre Street in Pointe-Saint-Charles, we found the perfect location for our new adventure!


The proposed formula will evolve according to our desires and the time of year. We offer three different formulas; the evening tasting menu, cooking classes and tea time. We welcome 14 people at a time, to have time to welcome you as if you were at home.


Our schedule is variable, like a theater, we are open when we have announced an event.


We operate by reservation only, reservations are made online. Events are announced one month in advance on the website and you must purchase a ticket to attend an event.

Reservations open the first Wednesday of the month at noon for the following month. So on Wednesday January 3 at noon, reservations for February will be available from noon. Available dates for the coming month are displayed a few days in advance. To book; go to the tab of your choice and choose the date that suits you.

Reservations for June: SOLD OUT

Reservations for July: SOLD OUT

Reservations for August: Wednesday July 3rd at noon. * Please note that our tasting menu will be a vegan menu for the last 2 weeks of August.*



2194 du Centre Street

Montreal, Qc, H3K 1J4